Manuscript Chop Shop Part 3

This is the third part in a series that I am doing on, a website that sells individual leaves and pieces of old Biblical manuscripts. The other two articles are Manuscript Chop Shop and Manuscript Chop Shop Revisited.

Finally! I've been able to figure out how to link this back to Aramaic. Guess what one of the items for sale Great Site has to offer? Slashed pieces of Hebrew and Aramaic Torah Scrolls:

In the Jewish Tradition, the Torah and other holy objects are held in such regard that decommissioned Torah scrolls are stored (genizah) and then buried To cut up and sell a one of these is nothing less than disrespectful.

I have sent one more email since, the last incident which the company has yet to reply to. I'm going to give them one more day, and then start to spread the word along the members of the ALA and local preservation societies for their practice along with their insults. (See the horrible things that were said here.)