Lead Codices - The "Retraction" From BBC

I know that there's been a heck of a lot of Aramaic-related stuff that I haven't blogged about as of late from Syriac question marks and printing presses, the SBL Aramaic Studies session, etc. etc.. This is mostly because I've been devoting most of my "free" (hah..) time to The Biblioblog Reference Library, but since the Lead Codices malarkey has hit the press again I somehow feel obligated to comment. :-)

So here's my comment about this latest development:

The Lead Codices have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be one of the biggest embarrassments to the press pertaining to antiquities that comes to recent memory. This latest article from the BBC, given the entire debacle as it unfolded, is "too little too late." Regardless of that, I seriously commend Kevin Connolly for writing it and only wish he did so sooner after the initial media blitz.


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