My Work's on the Syfy Channel! - Aramaic Exorcism in Paranormal Witness

As I mentioned the other day on Facebook, I finally got to see the scene in Syfy Channel's Paranormal Witness where some of my translation work and consultation was used.

It's always interesting to see how your work is used in other peoples' art, as when I do translations for movies and video games and the like, I'm very seldom involved in the creative process or during the actual recording. This has its plusses -- such as if Director has a vision and wants to use some Aramaic to attain it to get just the right effect they can do so unhindered -- and it also has its minuses -- like in Civilization 5 where a few words were dropped in some of dialog by mistake during the editing process.

However, this scene worked pretty darn well. An exorcism in a big dark scary room with a woman shouting in Galilean Aramaic and striking folks with a Bible? Why not? It was brief, and quite disturbing. Despite the actress (as far as I am aware) never pronouncing Aramaic before in her life, she did a pretty good job and certainly got the creepiness across. :-)


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