New Features at the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon (CAL)

A bunch of new search options are now available at the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon over at Hebrew Union College. Here's the official statement:

The Advantages of the Online Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon

Welcome to the first complete online academic lexicon of a classical Semitic language and the first dictionary of all of the classical dialects of Aramaic.  As an online dictionary, the CAL itself has many advantages over the traditional printed book:

And here's a list that's currently up and most obviously new:
  1. Browse the Lexicon - You can now enter in the first few letters of a lemma to browse through all entires that begin with those letters (rather than using wild cards as before).
  2. Citation Search ("Search for combinations of English words within citations") - You can enter up to three words in English to search for in citations (i.e. translated examples, for those not familiar with the term).
  3. Advanced Binary Search - Allows you to search for lemmas that are found a certain number of words way from each other. Good for finding phrases and studying idioms.
  4. Dictionary Collation - Although this isn't "new" as in "brand new right now," it's one of the younger features that's getting better every month. You can enter what page you're looking at in any of the standard works listed (such as Jastrow, or Sokoloff's DJPA, etc.) and it returns a list of each CAL lemma (i.e. dictionary entry) for that page, in order. Since traditional lemmas can be quite different between dialects and dictionaries, this is a wonderful thing to have on hand.
Be sure to check them out as more are being added.


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