More Lead Codices, More Stamps...

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So, as you can see above, the Elkingtons have released more pictures of the so-called Lead Codices, and every single one of them seems to have one thing in common.

To misquote Stanley from Terry Pratchett's 'Going Postal':*

Dan McClellan also found another prominent stamp that was used on several other codices.  Surprise surprise.

Every time that we find such stamps, printing the same nonsense characters down to every stroke and detail but staggered and interrupted to make it look as if there is more text than they depict:

It is consistent with forgery.

It's a cheap way to make something look authentic to unlearned eyes that demonstrably carries no semantic or logical content. Make one set of characters and stamp, stamp, smudge, stamp later you have a paragraph of arcane-looking babble-text.

Or, as my wife observed, quoting Mr. Spools:*


* Terry Pratchett's "Going Postal" is a fanciful tale of how con-artist Moist VonLipwig is caught after years of forging bonds and swindling hundreds of people and roped into restoring the Ank Morpork Post Office on pain of death by using his con-artist skills for the side of good rather than the side of selfishness (well, mostly :-) ). Acorn Media did an awesome 2-part miniseries which I highly recommend with Richard Coyle as Lipwig and Clare Foy as Adora Belle Dearheart. Pure excellence. :-)

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