Jordan Lead Codices: The Video

Tom Verenna with his limitless and bountiful zeal has taken the time to painstakingly compile a video that outlines the current evidences against the authenticity of the Jordan Lead Codices.

This video comprises a good chunk of the collaborative research and discussion between Jim DaVilla, Dan McClellan, Jim West, David Meadows, Joel Watts, James McGrath, Tom and myself that has been going on for the past few months. Tom's efforts in making this video should be commended. :-)

Also of note, this video was censored at least a half a dozen times from the Jordan Codices Facebook page, and for screenshots of that (as well as other censored comments made by an archaeologist) take a peek at Dan McClellan's latest post.

In a bit, I'll have another post that actually goes over some clarifications that have been made to one of the metallurgical reports by the researcher who compiled it.


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