The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Hacked

Yep, some punk thought they wanted to spread more malware, so they found an exploit somewhere on the bowels of the CAL server and uploaded some nasty files. Since Dr. Kaufman is out of the country, it's going to take until some time after May 25th (when he gets back) to get the entire thing sorted out.

This is the second major hack against the project this past year, and the last hack resulted in the old perl implementation of DJPA being pulled down indefinitely with no replacement. With so much 20+ year old code that's up there I'm yearning to get some of the new stuff I've written up and running; however, due to a funding shortage, the entire project is kinda puttering in place right now.

If you have any emergency lexical inquiries (i.e. things that cannot wait until the CAL is fixed), feel free to send them my way via email.


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