So Who's Making Money on the Lead Codices?

So, just for fun I decided to search for David Elkington's book on the Lead Codices; however, instead I came across what you can see in the image above.

In short, where there appears to be a strange and overly convenient hole in the Internet where one would expect his book to exist (i.e. a number of listings, but nowhere is it "in stock"), I found that anything else with Elkington's name on it had a price that shot sky-high:

Nearly 200 bucks? What?? I found that a signed first edition copy of "In the Name of the Gods," went for 20 quid over at BooksAndRecords.

The second one I'm not even sure is the same Elkington, as it goes new for $300 from Oxford University Press.

In either case, it seems that anything that has his name on it has inflated considerably since the Codices broke to the press.

Perhaps the phantom book may yet show up somewhere? Unlikely. In the meantime, Elkington memorabilia is selling like hotcakes.


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