Introducing The Biblioblog Reference Library (Beta)

And after all of this craziness in the press... and how it doesn't seem to want to stop... I am proud to introduce:

After getting a bit more than irked with the recent press coverage concerning the Lead Codices and other sensational news, one Biblioblogger decided to find a way to bring together all of the rapid research, commentary and genuine peer review that had been done by his fellow Bibliobloggers into one organized, indexed, and searchable place.

The Biblioblog Reference Library is the fruit of that brainstorming, combining over 270 Biblioblog feeds with full text search.

In the future, there are hopes to fully develop a number of specialized indexes that go over key commentary on pertinent Biblical Studies issues as well as a Press Room to aid news reporters towards getting the story right the first time.

Will this be successful? Only time shall tell. In the meantime, the care of this experiment is left in the hands of:

-The Reference Librarian

Check it out the Biblioblog Reference Library here.


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