The Tale of Peter Rabbit... In Galilean Aramaic

I never in my entire life expected I would undertake such an endeavor, but now I find myself in the midst of translating the Public Domain works of Beatrix Potter (one of my personal heroes) into Galilean Aramaic, printed in Herodian script so that my children will have material to read.

When I'm finished with the first one, The Tale of Peter Rabbit (or in this case dêlmâ d-kêfâ ârnvâ) it's probably going to be the first available title in the DARIUS Library (perhaps even as a learning aid).

I must admit that so far it is quite the challenge, but I'm doing fairly well to keep the translation true to the whimsical nature of the original text.

Not quite ready to tackle Harry Potter yet though.... but luckily I have some time to wait. :-)


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