Peter Rabbit Almost Done

So, recapping what anyone might have missed: I'm in the middle of translating The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter into early Galilean Aramaic, typeset in a printed form of Herodian script in an effort to provide reading material for my young daughter as she learns the language, herself. My students at DARIUS have also taken a liking to it and it seems to have some novelty appeal.

At this point, I nearly have all of the text of the original book completed with just a few of the most lengthy pages remaining. I have also made very minimal use of coining phrases to express modern ideas. Huzzah!

However, the most interesting question that I am facing now is, "Who would be interested in publishing this?" which I must admit is quickly followed by "Forget that, who could I possibly ask to edit or review this?" :-)

It does pose quite a problem. How many people would have the necessary experience, let alone be willing to take the time to edit or review such an odd endeavor in preparation to submit a manuscript to a publisher?

I'd also love to have someone to chew over some quandaries I've had together, such as, "Would rav or mar be more appropriate as Mr. MacGregor's title?" and "What do other people think about how I've rendered the occasional onomatopoeia?" or "In the greater context, do any of these issues actually matter?" :-)

In any case, once it's in a presentable form I'll post here again with an update. Then, onto some self-editing and making some further decisions about orthography before figuring out where to go from there.


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