Dr. David Taylor Teaching Aramaic at Oxford

(Dr. David G.K. Taylor)

I picked up on Twitter that Dr. David Taylor (who I was fortunate to meet and talk to for a bit at the First Hugoye Syriac Symposium where he gave a fascinating lecture on Syriac printing in the 19th and early 20th-century in the Middle East) just finished teaching a class on Imperial Aramaic over at Oxford to the tune of about 40+ students. :-)

With the pending "official" release of GAL010: Everyday Aramaic (Galilean) I've been working on over at DARIUS (which has managed to attract a few students already), I'm more than thrilled to see more Aramaic language courses and classes being offered in a way that is meant to make it easier to learn and more conversational.

Perhaps I should get in contact with him and bounce some ideas back and forth. :-)


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