"The Talpiot 'Jesus' Tomb: An Impressive New Website"

Via James Tabor's blog:

There is a most impressive new website just up dealing with the Talpiot “Jesus” tomb in all of its aspects at talpiottomb.com. It is sponsored by JTERP (Jesus Tomb Education and Research Project), headed by Jerry Lutgen who works in the informatics health care field. You can read more of him as well as JTERP, its history and its purposes here. Some of my readers might remember Mr. Lutgen from his published article “The Talpiot Tomb: What are the Odds?” published at Bible & Interpretaton, that dealt with why the various studies using statistics differ so wildly in their conclusions. Lutgen also has a most interesting new study titled “Did the Set of Names from the Talpiot Tomb Arise by Chance,” which you can download at this new website.

Although I haven't had time, myself, to look over it yet, I noticed that right at the top of the page it uses my reconstruction of the inscription on the "'Jesus' son of Joseph" ossuary.

I'm always surprised at how far that image has gone, both across the Internet and in various 'popular' publications. :-)


PS: Huzzah! Post 150 :-)

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