Ben Hur at the O2: The First Reviews Come In


A live action spectacular brings the iconic chariot race to life with an impressive sense of realism and excitement.

The Independent

It is an epic show beset by financial troubles and the scepticism of a great many nay-sayers, at one point it even seemed to producer Franz Abraham that it would never make it. But yesterday, Ben Hur Live's 46 horses, 20 lorries-full of sand and 140 doves thundered, rolled and flew into London for the first time.


I'd hoped against hope that Ben Hur Live would deliver the holy grail of epic theatre – thrilling, large-scale live performance. But these gladiators get two thumbs down.

If I have failed to mention any of the actors it is because none of them establish any personalities at all. And though the show may be called Ben Hur Live, I’m afraid it left me bored to death.

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