Sunday Static #2: A Day Late, But Still Here

Continuing on with Sunday Static (albeit a day late, sorry it was a busy week), we have a new entry:

What sounded like:
kuma yeshua lechiam
kam yeshua lechiam
(No context was given.)

"Kuma" could mean "rising" or "resurrection" where "kam" could mean "he rose" or "he stood."

"Yeshua" is certainly "Jesus."

"lechaim" / "le-khayim" could mean "to life" in Samaritan Aramaic, which is the only Aramaic dialect to use the "-im" ending more frequently than the standard "-in"; but this would be very rare.

In all other Aramaic dialects on record, "to life!" would be closer to "le-khayin" or "la-khaye" (the latter, Syriac).

As such, "lechaim" appears to be Hebrew.

So overall, it looks like this phrase is Hebrew for something along the lines of:

"Jesus rose to life."

Very unlikely that there is Aramaic here.

Be sure to submit the speaking in tongues you've heard here in the comments of this post and next Sunday we'll go over them!


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