Sunday Static #1

Ever overheard a snippet of Aramaic tongues at church and wondered if it were for real?

Have a friend that channels an ancient Israelite king or scrawls automatic writing in their sleep?

Here's your chance to verify your unique contact with the divine.

Introducing the newest regular feature here at The Aramaic Blog:
Sunday Static.

Submit your best sounding out of the tongues you heard to the comment thread below, through the chat program on the right, or by email at, and we'll do our darndest to find its Aramaic match, to be published each Sunday. Just in time for some comic relief after morning services. Comic relief? Yes! Enjoy this week's sample and inspiration for the feature:

What sounded like:
"Kuni no"
Overheard at church this morning. No specifics on the context.
In Western Classical Syriac it could mean:
"I am a pot," "I am a grain mill hopper" or "I am a cognomen."

(This submission, obviously, is a negative for genuine Aramaic.)

Keep in mind, we don't take any stand one way or the other over whether speaking in tongues, channeling, or automatic are real phenomena. We don't even claim to know whether any of the submissions we've received represent authentic contacts with the divine.

This feature ought to be reviewed with tongue firmly in cheek. It is perfectly possible that any submissions we received could actually be Aramaic, but many things can interfere with getting the proper translation for it on our end, namely the game of telephone between the hearing of it and its reaching us.

To give yourself the best shot of an accurate translation, fill us in on the context the example was heard in, what dialect of Aramaic you think it might have been in, mp3s if you can, or images of the writing (files will have to be emailed, of course).

It's anonymous and one has nothing to lose, and if it *is* something in actual Aramaic, then you will know what it means.


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