More on Ricky Martin's Aramaic Tattoo

Well, I came across the following news story on Ricky Martin's website dated August 10th (right around one of the many times I've tried to contact him):
"Our Lord's Prayer in Hebrew - Even though the meaning of this tattoo has been questioned on the Internet, in 2006 the Puerto Rican star exhibited a series of symbols wrapped around his right arm that, in his own words, represent Our Lord's Prayer in Hebrew."

Not only was it questioned on the internet here at The Aramaic Blog, but Mr. Martin's official website has made a crucial mistake. The text is certainly not in Hebrew: It is in Syriac Aramaic, written in the Estrangela alphabet, identically (albeit out of order) as the Lord's Prayer is found in the Syriac Peshitta.

Estrangela is only used to write in the Syriac dialect of Aramaic (and in some rare historical cases Arabic, this extension known as Garshuni). The website Omniglot (one of my favorites) has a great set of articles about Syriac and Hebrew writing systems:

Omniglot on Syriac Script
Omniglot on Hebrew Script

As does Wikipedia:

Wikipedia on Syriac Script
Wikipedia on Hebrew Script

Please take a close look and decide from yourself which language and writing systems are employed. :-)


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