Unfaithful Representation: The Second Replica

Among additional interesting note is that "Jonah" is not as easily read on the first replica, but the first replica has fish in the margins where the second replica has an easy-to-read "Jonah" but no fish in the margins.

It seems as if the props Jacobovici uses change to suit the mood. :-)

To read more about this messy issue, be sure to check out my previous post here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: "Original Photos" refers to the actual ossuary, not the first replica. Image updated to version 1.1 with less ambiguous language.

UPDATE Sep 18:

Second replica in red, James Tabor's "yellow inked" outline in yellow.

As pointed out by several others, an examination of the "yellow-lined" version of "Jonah" offered up by James Tabor is not identical to the form found on the second replica, however it does share some interesting features.
  1. The serifed, disconnected "yod."
  2. The oddly double-curved "waw."
  3. The connected & exaggerated "Nun."
  4. The "broken" "he."
Curious, the similarities, including lines that aren't there.


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