Oh, Simcha... :-)

Another fun -- somewhat ironic -- interlude brought to you by Simcha Jacobovici, and his selective nit-pickery. Turnabout is fair play. :-)

I shan't explain the situation. The Rogue Classicist puts it much better than I ever could in the aptly titled article "On Egos and 'Bulldozers' and Bull of Another Kind."

Sadly where my little satire is just that (satire) Simcha's omissions (and interesting choices of words) seem a bit more deliberate. Who knows?

As another ironic "Mishi test"-like kicker, as I was preparing the first slide of the above meme, my 6 year old daughter came up behind me without prompting, glanced at my screen, and said, "Abba, that's an excavator! Not a bulldozer! Fix it!"

UPDATE Aug 23: Apparently Robert Deutsch who paid for the original attack ad over on Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) also thinks it was a bulldozer... 


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