The Tale of Peter Rabbit - In Galilean Aramaic

Yep, it's finally going somewhere, but with some style, available to all site Supporters.

The Online Storybook is going to be awesome. Where Version 1 is going to be fairly straightforward with text and audio (and a full glossary so you can look everything up) Version 2 is going to be all done in Popcorn.js like the upcoming Conversational Galilean (GAL101) class. Like other "talking storybooks" it will highlight what words are being spoken as they're spoken in both English and in Galilean.

I'm also hoping to get the printed book orders ready by the 15th so that there is a chance of getting some delivered before Easter, but at this point I'm not sure if that's doable. eBook formats are also being worked on, including an iBooks version that tries to incorporate all of the functionality of the Version 2 Online Storybook, but that's last on the list of priorities.

Anyways, watch that page for more info.


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