Big News: Has Been Reborn

If you read this blog a loooong time back, you probably remember It was a pet project of mine where I posted some of my Aramaic Source Criticism work.

A few years ago, it was hacked and instead of updating it, I simply pulled it down.

However, today I am proud to reveal that it has been repurposed into a fun and interesting project:

About the Project

About the Project

For a very long time, has laid vacant as I moved on to other projects.
Now I believe it is time to bring it back in the form that I originally envisioned it to be: A website that shares the words of Jesus and his early followers in his very own language that is easy enough for anyone to read and enjoy.
My current plan is twofold:
1) I wish to publish public domain versions of the Canonical Gospels (and possibly the Gospel of Thomas as well) and wherever Jesus or his followers are speaking, provide a simple transliteration of their words in a reconstruction of their original language so that the reader may intone those very words for themselves.
2) I want to put together a series of resources for people who are interested in learning Galilean Aramaic as a conversational language (much like one would learn another old language like Latin) and foster a community of individuals to have regular discussions or classes — be they written or oral — to keep the language from falling into total obscurity.
If you would like to help out with any aspect of this project, please feel free to contact me, or visit the Help Us page for more information.
שלם לכולהון
(Peace be with you)
Steve Caruso, MLIS
Translator, Aramaic Designs (RogueLeaf)

I'll eventually also get up all of my old Aramaic Source Criticism stuff too, but please be sure to check out how things are progressing from time to time here:


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