The 500 Most Common Nouns in Galilean Aramaic

As a fun update, the very first portion of a project I've been working on-again-off-again for the past 4-5 years is about half way done.

The whole project (in the end) will become a topical dictionary of the most common words found in Galilean Aramaic; however, the first stage is the 500 (+ or -) most common Galilean nouns, fully categorized by various topics (food, social, family, work, etc.), and fully 'declined' (absolute, construct, emphatic, anything irregular, plus notes).

At this point about 250 are finished, which already includes all words that occur more than 25 times in the CAL corpus. :-)

The full set (or volume) will eventually hold something along the lines of:

1) The 500 Most Common Nouns
2) The 400 Most Common Verbs (This one is going to take a while, inflecting them all.)
3) The 100 Most Common Adjectives
4) The 50 Most Common Adverbs
5) Common Odds & Ends (Conjunctions, Prepositions, Pronouns, Interjections and Cussing)
6) Common Phrases & Idioms

These 6 volumes (or so, depending on how they finally break up) I hope will represent a rather good foundation for anyone learning the dialect.


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