Aspect Adjustment on the Jonah Ossuary

So Robert Cargill posted another theory about the ball base of the figure on the Jonah Ossuary, which I believe is on the right track.

When I read over it, it suddenly hit me: Perspective.

So I did a bit of perspective adjustment, myself... and guess what I found?

Below are the steps I took, as well as the assumptions I've made:

Step 1:

The original image, labeled "no cgi."
 Step 2:
I rotated it so that the border at the bottom was flat.
I believe that this was the intention of the artist
and is a safe assumption that it was meant to be a baseline.

I also marked the a stroke on the inscription
that I assume was meant to be vertical.
It runs right down the center of the figure.
 Step 3:
I then, adjusted the aspect so that the two lines were perpendicular.
 Step 4:
What does the "ball" at the base look like NOW?
 My Conclusion:
Something like this is my guess.
The base of a vessel.

UPDATE: This article may have disappeared for about 10-15 minutes due to a mistake I made with the new blogger interface. Needless to explain, it's back. :-)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Further developments on the shape of the "head of Jonah" now show it to be quite flat, and that the image is much more vessel-like than fish like when taken in its proper aspect and size. See:

The entire figure corrected for aspect ratio and distortion:

How many of the photographs and reproductions aren't faithful representations of what is actually on the ossuary:

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