Jordan Lead Codices: DELETE! DELETE!

(Is this David/Paul Elkington?)

So I've been commenting on the Jordan Codices Facebook page about the anonymity of the "experts" they were discussing, and then I had the audacity to ask the owner of it who they were...

And suddenly, all of my comments (as well as all of Dan McClellan's comments well) were deleted and we both found that we've been banned from commenting.

If I had to put my money on it (note the *if*), I'd say that Dan and I were talking directly with Elkington, himself given his mantra (both in print, and on the radio) about there are "only four or five people in the world who are familiar with [Paleo Hebrew]" -- which is absolute rubbish.

Mr. Elkington, if you're out there and reading my blog, I would not mind a bit of clarification. Comments are open below to all who are willing to put their real name to their words.

UPDATE 5:07PM: Generally I consider using far too many tabs in Firefox to be a vice of mine, however, this time it proved useful! Here are some screenshots of Dan McClellan's discussion with the owner (who I assume is Elkington) before and after he was banned, with the following response cleanup.

Click all images to enlarge.



How it appears NOW:


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