Ethnologue Oops

I was cruising around Ethnologue today and came upon the following whoops:

Samaritan Aramaic
An extinct language of Palestinian West Bank and Gaza

ISO 639-3: sam
Population: No known speakers. Ethnic population: 620 (1999 H. Mutzafi).
Region: West Bank near Nablus; Tel Aviv, Israel. Also in Israel.
Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Central, Aramaic, Western
Language use: Ceased as L1 for daily functions in 10th–12th centuries A.D. Mainly Samaritan Hebrew and Samaritan Aramaic secondarily as liturgical languages. About 30% live near Nablus and speak Palestinian Arabic [ajp] as L1. Others live near Tel Aviv and speak Hebrew [heb] as L1. Religion.
Writing system: Syriac script.
Comments: Samaritan religion, related to Judaism.

I've emailed the editor. The Syriac and Samaritan alphabets are quite different from one-another.


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