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Aramaic Tattoo Sale
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Aramaic Designs is now holding a sale on Aramaic Tattoo Translations:

"Aramaic Designs, the leader in Aramaic translations on the Internet, will beat any other translation firm's price on an Aramaic tattoo translation and throw in a free Tattoo Stencil as a gift.

Aramaic is not one language, and many dialects are mutually unintelligible. The language of the Assyrian Empire (for example) was not the same Aramaic that Jesus of Nazareth spoke, which is in turn not the same Aramaic that is spoken by diverse groups throughout the world today.

Despite this, a number of companies today advertise "Aramaic translations" without clarifying which form of Aramaic they refer to, and their customers unknowingly receive the opposite of what they expect.

Aramaic Designs, on the other hand, with 5 years of professional experience, offers translations in a variety of dialects typeset in scripts suitable to their heritage: Something that no other translation firm offers.

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