Multi Lingual Keyboard Frustration: Don't Let This Happen To You

So, being both modern-tech and digital communications savvy as well as deeply involved in the study of ancient languages and old-fashioned correspondence... my everyday life tends to express irony.

I was trying to log into one of the many SQL databases (which I manage through this nifty program called phpMyAdmin), and the program was consistently denying me access, telling me that my password was incorrect. Believing that I simply might be mistaken with what password I used, I went through my entire password repertoire...

No luck.

I then figured that I must have improperly capitalized things, so I made sure that my shift key wasn't stuck, and that my caps-lock key was up. A number of "dots" later in the password field and...

No dice.

Now I was getting frustrated! I figured that the SQL server must be down, which would then mean, by way of logic, that the website that was driven by it would also be down. Fearing that was the case I had to check, so I clicked up on the URL field of my web browser and entered in the address:


It then dawned on me: I was typing with the Hebrew keyboard in the password field.


It was me who was not working...

Don't let this happen to you. :-)


PS: Challenge for techno-language-nerds like myself. 100 Points to whoever decodes the following cipher first:

א צאתהוליצ פריעסת אנד א ראבבי פינד תהעמסעלועס סיתתינג נעכת תו עאצה ותהער ונ א לונג חוורנעט אנד סו אפתער סומע העסיתאתיונ סתארת תו תאלכ תו עאצהותהער. אפתער דיסצוססינג תהע שעאתהער אנד ספורתס, תהע פריעסת תורנס תו תהע ראבבי אנד סאטס תהאת הע תהווגהת ית שאס ראתהער סתראנגע תהאת עה שאס נות אללושעד תו עאת פורכ, אנד אסכעד הימ שהעתהער הע עוער האד.

תהע ראבבי רעפליעד, ’שעלל, שהענ י שאס א סמאלל בוט, י דיד ינ פאצת תאסתע א סמאלל פיעצע ופ באצונ.’

’שהאת שאס ית ליכע?’ אסכעד תהע פריעסת.

תהע ראבבי רעפליעד: ’נות נעארלט אס גווד אס סעח.’

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